What’s in the bag for Lenka

 Lenka is 11 and travels with a 36liter Osprey sirrus backpack

Sleeping bag ice nino an mattress expedition series rolled together to be able to fit properly. First Ascent /twitter @firstascentSA

Underwear x3

Thermal x 1 First Ascent

Gloves K-way

Flees x1 K-way

Shirts x4

Long sleeve shirt x1

Tech shorts x1 First Ascent

Long pants x 1 Columbia

Regular short x1 Key West

Hoodie K-way



Swimming costume

Snowball jacket First Ascent

Rain jacket/poncho Mickey Mouse Disney

Socks x4 Falke

Trek towel

Girls will be girls, two scarfs to brighten the dress code!!

Swiss army knife!!

Lots more needed, but once I update my own and Abré’s bag, you will have all the detail on what we took for the trip. The Snowball jacket will also be carried by us, until  we hit the colder regions.

Once again we had issues getting pants for kids. All and all we decided to buy hiking boots in Brazil, hope we find some that are lightweight. Biggest problem with the nice looking leather hiking boots are the weight. Buy gore tech, good support and make sure it is LIGHT!!

Must say what is really great about new hiking bags, is die built in bladder for water, no more water bottles to carry. We will only need these on serious hikes. For now, it is on the LATER list!

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