Janko’s bag

  Janko is 9 years old. Here is what we packed in his bag. 

Bag: deuter 30 liters trans alpine

The only bag that fits him. Make sure the bag rests on the hips and does not hang from the shouldiers. 

Ok stuff to pack inside his bag: 

Pack the matress and sleeping bag inside each other. I will post a video of how to on the youtube channel of journey4four, a bit later. First Ascent on twitter as @firstascentSA ice nino sleeping bag and Expedition series matress from K-way. 

Underwear x3, 

Thermal x1 First ascent

Short sleeve shirts x2 Mr Price Sport, Maxed

Shorts x2 Mr Price Sport, Maxed

Long sleeve shirts x1 Mr Price Sport Maxed one regular Polo shirt

Technical utility pants kids First Ascent. Got these from Outdoor Warehouse. Was difficult to find clothes for kids that size! 

Buff from Cape Union Mart

Speedo bathing costume

Socks x4 Falke

Fleese shirt from K-way

Snowball 3-in-1 jacket from First Ascent

Gloves – eska isodry

Towel – K-way microfibre trek towel

Hoodie K-way

Sun hat

Total should be less than 6kg for him! Less is better! 

Where to buy: Discovery medical aid gives a great discount at Cape Union Mart BUT even with the discount we found that Trappers as well as Drifters were much cheaper. We bought from them. The First Ascent brand “owned” by Outdoor Warehouse was also way cheaper at Drifters in Sandton. You can ask for discount at Outdoor Warehouse stores, Drifters still has the best price!! Drifters@tiscali.co.za mail and ask for a quote!! 

Because of the size of the 30l bag we will fit the snowball jacket in Abré’s bag, just no space! When we hit Ushaia middle February, Janko will most probably carry the jacket and we will swop the content of bags. Keep on reading and we will update changes!! 

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