The LATER list

That day has come.  When doing a trip like this you always have stuff that you think of, know you should do, but really? NOW? Get real. And other stuff just happens, the inoculations, the passports, the medical aid stuff, the medication … but those small little things that are left till last that really pushes you the last 5 days … Yes, that close, only 5 days and I have a list.

So we have hiking tents, from 19-foertsek, so considering weight, we will decide on buying new tents, later. I have to get Janko some socks. I can go later, when I get the travel towels. I have to go the chemist and get antiseptic cream, I will do that when I get my chronic meds, but not today. I think I will change the jacket I have, the First Accent one is better, but please, not today, later… When we woke up this morning we both realized that day has finally come…TODAY IS THE DAY!

The list:
Socks for Janko
“Plakkies” for Janko
One pair of socks for Mignon
Tech-pants for Abré
Goodie bags for loose stuff
Ointment and some plaster
LENKA – bee injections

What did we forget, at least if we did forget something we can always do it LATER!


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